10 Reasons why Social Media is Essential for Agribusiness in 2020

This article is from guest author, Lavinia Wehr of Lavinia Wehr Social, a social media consultant who runs a tailored Social Media in Agriculture course.

Social Media in Agriculture… I know what you are thinking. You are either reading this because you absolutely can’t live without this to share your businesses story and create business growth. Or, you are a complete sceptic and you think you are here for a laugh. Sorry to all you doubters out there but I will say it now and say it again. Social Media is essential for Agribusiness in 2020 and here are the 10 reasons why…

#1 Physical Events are DEAD

Social Media is the only way to gain exposure to new clients in 2020 with COVID wiping out each and every agricultural event in the entire country. All the networking, conferences, field days etc. you had on the events calendar sadly, no longer exist… So, the best way to reach your audience now is online and the easiest way to show up online with great searchability is… Social Media!

#2 #hashtAG

Agricultural Hashtags have the highest organic reach compared to any other type of business hashtag. Some of my clients gain an extra 5000 – 10,000 impressions on one post. This is unheard of for any other industry. Not only is Agriculture a heavily active industry, it is also not overly saturated at this point in time. Which means you have the chance to utilise this simple and easy strategy on Socials and put youself miles ahead.

#3 Get ahead of the game

Social Media still a very new platform for Agriculture. A lot of your competition is not yet on Social Media. (Or doing a very average job). Starting to create a strategy and curating content that is on brand, interesting and not just for sales, will be an essential part of your growth in business and you can start to implement it TODAY.

#4 Millennial Farmers

Farmers (your potential client) spend A LOT of time on their phone. Remember who you are trying to target in 2020. No longer are you trying to target the people who aren’t tech savvy. Farmers are consuming a lot of content – even if they don’t realise it. They spend hours watching, taking and posting videos, as well as being influenced by other videos. It is not only a time to watch a funny video to tag friends, targeted ads and organic content can often be the best way to influence them without being a salesman.

#5 Don’t be a salesman

Farmers don’t do well with the ‘Salesman’ – Agriculture is a whole different ball game when you are trying to sell a product or service. The best way to do it is word of mouth. How can you utilise this through a secondary platform? Use social media, it isn’t in your face, it often is a great way to reiterate information and allows potential customers to mull over your offerings for a while first. 

#6 Build your community

Community is so important in Rural and Regional Communities, it is just as important to do the same thing online. Share your clients, your products and your biggest advocates and what their stories are.  These are some of the easiest and most underrated ways to curate content and always does extremely well.

#7 Grow your brand’s reputation

Social Media is a great way to easily share what is going on behind your business and your brand, Authenticity is a word that is thrown around a lot in the age of the ‘Social Media influencer’. Social Media is a great way to share your brand, business and the people who make it happen. You will see a lot of interest grow in your Agribusiness’ Social Media, if you share your team and what your team is up to.

#8 People love people

Every time you post a picture of someone standing in the crop, or standing by a crop, smiling enjoying themselves it is bound to get a lot more people interested, engaged, asking questions and wanting to know more. Context is great but asking questions in the beginning are also essential to get people to stop scrolling and want to engage with your content.

#9 Become the leader

Being a leader is no longer just having a good local reputation, it is often taking all parts of your business to the next level. Creating unique, thought provoking content that sets you aside from the rest, can change how people see your business. It can place you as a leader in the industry regardless of the space within the Ag industry you sit.

#10 Customer & Audience Engagement

Now is a time where Social Media is often a lot of people’s only interaction with lockdown, isolation and social distancing. Engaging with, replying to comments and creating personal interactions can be extremely powerful. It can change how someone sees your business and brand and have them view you in the best light.

I hope if you have yet to invest time into your Social Media this is the change that you needed. Social Media in Agriculture has a huge potential and a lot of chance to grow and develop – this is why I have created my Social Media in Agriculture course. It is time for Agribusinesses to take their Social Media to the next level.