5 reasons to become an Active Farmer in 2018

All this week we have been chatting to Ginny Stevens from Active Farmers (be sure to check out Post 1 and Post 2). 

The Active Farmer’s philosophy is that the more people in rural and regional areas who understand the connection between being physical fit and mentally strong the better and hope that it will help reduce the severity of suicide and depression throughout regional Australia.

In this last post, we chat to Ginny about why farmers should join an Active Farmer community.

Here are Ginny’s 5 reasons to join in 2018:

  1. Your farm business will not fail if you spend a few hours a week working on improving your own health, and if it does there is a problem!
  2. Your farm business will actually benefit if you are in better health, both physically and mentally of which can be achieved by going to Active Farmers!
  3. Yes, you may be active in the sheep yards, but do you have a bad back?
  4. Just come and try! Come along once – you will have such a fun time and feel great and you will want to come back!
  5. Ask why you are not making time to pay more attention to your physical and mental health? Delving deeper can often solve the ‘road block’

No Active Farmers community in your area?

There is no reason why remote families wanting to become ‘Active Farmers’ cannot have access to the programs delivered at Active Farmer classes. All they need to do is get in touch with Ginny!

But we also recognise there are a lot of people living remotely where even the closest neighbours are hundreds of kilometres away! Ginny encourages those who live remotely to exercise as a family! There is nothing better than having active parents as role models for their children and in this situation discipline will be key, Ginny told us.

A huge thank you to Ginny for sitting down with us this week. We encourage everyone to see if there is an Active Farmer community near you or get in touch with Ginny to discuss options for your community.

Active Farmers Website