A deadly threat the size of a sugar cube could be our next industrial health crisis

Updated September 15, 2018 13:44:08

Photo: Chris Davis believes diesel fumes in underground mines could be one of the biggest health disasters since asbestos. (ABC: Selina Bryan) Related Story: Underground miners at higher lung cancer risk: study Related Story: WHO confirms diesel fumes carcinogenic

Chris Davis arrives at his presentation to the mining industry armed with a box of sugar cubes, but there’s nothing sweet about his message.

The former mining engineer is speaking out about what he believes is one of the biggest occupational health threats since asbestos — the diesel machinery exhaust fumes churned out by heavy machinery in many of Australia’s underground mines.

“There are millions of nano diesel particles in the size of a sugar cube, coming from the exhaust of every diesel engine,” he said.

Photo: Chris Davis uses a sugar cube to demonstrate the dangers of diesel pollution. (ABC News: Claire Moodie)

“And every breath you take underground, you are inhaling nano diesel particulates on a massive scale.”

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