About Farm Table

Farm Table is the first truly national platform that brings together the Australian Agricultural industry’s knowledge and connects farmers in a way never seen before.

The Story behind the Farm Table

It is certainly an exciting time for agriculture in Australia, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that farmers are managing extremely complex businesses in uncertain times. The goal posts are ever-changing and farmers have to continually respond to new risks and opportunities and be forever flexible and agile in order to remain profitable and productive.

So how do we ensure that farmers across Australia are accessing the information and resources they need to continue to build their businesses and prosper going forward into this new and rapidly changing world?

One such ingredient is improving the extension of knowledge across disparate farming regions of Australia. We need to begin to build a collective spirit and encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing for the benefit of all. Currently, information is dispersed, difficult to access and the online world can seem like a daunting place for farmers.

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content out there and the frustrations and time taken to find agricultural resources and opportunities, the Farm Table idea was first borne back in 2014. Three years of testing, learning and developing later, the Farm Table 2.0 is set to launch. The vision is to be where farmers feel at home, a one port of call to access the industry’s knowledge and goings-on.

What does the Farm Table do?

Based on three years of market research gained from the first iteration of the Farm Table and discussions and feedback from farmers, the Farm Table will focus on adding value to farmers in four key areas:

Build: Knowledge Library
An extensive agriculture database aggregating resources from across Australia and the world to help farmers build knowledge while on-farm.
Boost: Opportunities Database
A national training, events and grants hub to help reduce the search costs involved with seeking opportunities off-farm.
Accelerate: Innovation Hub
A comprehensive technology and software library so farmers can compare and contrast agricultural technologies and software on the market to aid future investment decisions.
eXchange: Online Community
A web-based application to exchange ideas, ask questions, connect with others and share knowledge online. Launched in April 2018 and driven by a Farmer Advisory Team from across Australia and across industry.


Who is Airlie Trescowthick?

Airlie is a young producer and innovator committed to making a difference, both on the farm where she lives and to the broader Agricultural industry. She is also the Founder of the Farm Table.

Growing up, Airlie was happiest when surrounded by animals and pulling on her boots to follow her father around their farm.

After beginning her career in the city and having the opportunity to complete post-graduate study abroad in Canada, Airlie returned home to the family farm. Committed to increasing her skills and knowledge, both in the paddock and in the office, Airlie used her evenings to search online to continue her learning and to keep up to date with what was happening in the industry.

Airlie is combining her experience across commercial business, family farming and corporate agriculture to create a valuable solution to the inherent problem of accessibility to information and extension across the agricultural industry. She is committed to her future in farming and being a proud advocate for the Australian agricultural industry.

How? Do we do things differently?

For Farmers
Airlie is a farmer and has her own farming dreams, passions and stresses. She has built this from the point of view of a farmer. You are put first. We appreciate feedback as we are serious about getting this right for you. We don’t spam farmers, rather we introduce you to businesses that are aligned with your location and interests.

For Agribusiness
We have formulated agribusiness memberships based on speaking to organisations across the country and understanding their needs and frustrations. Our membership model is new, innovative and aimed at giving agribusinesses value for money.

For Agriculture
We provide a platform that for the first time gets serious about whole of industry collaboration and knowledge exchange. By creating a trusted industry-wide ecosystem that brings knowledge, people and business across Australian agriculture together, our mission is to drive innovation and growth for all involved.

Farm Table is the online home of a connected, sustainable and profitable Australian agricultural industry.



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