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Back Up Charlie

Back Up Charlie

It consists of a forcing yard leading into a dual lane race for movement into sheep handlers, crutching plants, scanning machines and a lot of other applications requiring a constant flow of sheep. The forcing race can be in a straight line or turn 180 degrees to a bugle formation & anywhere in between.

The race width can be adjusted to suit weaners through to large rams and ewes. The unique hock bar design is the secret to the flow not allowing stock to back or turn around. Back Up Charlie is easy to transport as it is light and compact. It is designed and manufactured in Lockhart NSW.

Key Features

Hock bars that actually work are one of the keys features to BUC. It’s light weight hock bars prevent the sheep from backing up and encourage forward movement. These hock bars do not restrict the animals as they are not at eye height and do not flick back into the line of vision of the animal. The hock bars are operated by gravity which prevents bruising of an animal as the hock bars can’t release until the sheep is past. BUC’s adjustable width race is paramount for the efficiency of the light weight hock bars. Without the three width adjustments through the base of the BUC unit, sheep would have the ability to turn around. This feature ensures sheep are always facing forwards towards the exit point.

How does it add value ?

  • Allows you to work alone, so you can do the job when it suits you, instead of waiting for someone to help you.
  • Reduces occupational health and safety risks, as no one is required to physically handle the sheep into the sheep handling device.
  • Creates a happy work environment for you, your family, your staff, the sheep and your dogs. Creates a low stress stock handling environment.
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Name: Charlie Webb
Phone: 0428271518

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