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Bluebell GPS Livestock Tracker

Smart Paddock has created the Bluebell tag which attaches securely onto each animal and monitors the temperature, activity state, and geo-location, which the producer can easily access from a web dashboard or mobile phone application.

The Bluebell tag is attached using standard ear tag implementation tools or with a collar. The data is sent via a local wireless gateway module that is installed in the vicinity of the herd. Only 1 or 2 gateways required depending on the number of animals tracked and the size and location of the paddock.

Key Features

  • Supports large paddocks with very long range (5-15 km) communications using LoRaWAN wireless standards
  • Very accurate location tracking using best in breed GPS satellite technology
  • Collar versions come with extended battery for more frequent GPS location updates

How does it add value ?

  • Geo-fence alerts for stray or stolen animals
  • Alerts for downed animals when calving and lambing
  • Track and detect lame and lazy bulls and rams
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Name: Darren Wolchyn
Phone: 0448252916

About the Organisation

Name: Smart Paddock

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