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DataLogic 2D USB/Serial Barcode Scanner

The DataLogic 2D USB/Serial Barcode Scanner (EE-300-375) is ideal for use with our Tissue Sampling Units (TSU), to match the animal ID to the TSU 2D barcode electronically, eliminating data entry errors. The scanner is also suitable for reading RFID barcodes – used for wool fleece or fibre testing, DNA, parasitology or pathology samples – to a weigh scale indicator, PC or livestock software program. Compatible with both USB or serial communications, capable of hands free operation with scanner cradle.

Product Information

  • pre-programmed barcode scanner, ready to use
  • suitable for 1D or 2D barcodes
  • connects to Serial or USB ports on data logger, scale or PC
  • comes with cradle for hands free operation
  • bright scanner light and target, for accurate scanning
  • reduces errors when collecting data
  • suitable for use with the Allflex Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) 2D barcode
  • after-sale servicing and support available
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About the Organisation

Name: Allflex

Originally established to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers, Allflex is now leading the way in technology innovation for livestock & animal management industries worldwide.
Following the acquisition of SCR Dairy & Sure Petcare, Allflex is now delivering advanced animal monitoring and intelligence solutions, enabling smarter decision making through measuring the reproductive, health and well-being status of individual animals.
With a long-term commitment to the livestock industry, they are passionate about providing unique and innovative solutions, that will improve long-term profitability and sustainability.

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