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Matching management tags

These Allflex visual tags match to your NLIS device and is trayed as a unit for convenient application.

  • The management number marked on the NLIS tag (up to 5 digits), is printed on the visual tag
  • Available in Maxi and Large sizes
  • Standard matching management tags are printed with your PIC over the 5 digit number range
  • Customised matching management tags are also available to include your name, company, logo, brand or other information
  • The most economical way to integrate management tags into your system
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Livestock Identification - Beef



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About the Organisation

Name: Allflex

Originally established to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers, Allflex is now leading the way in technology innovation for livestock & animal management industries worldwide.
Following the acquisition of SCR Dairy & Sure Petcare, Allflex is now delivering advanced animal monitoring and intelligence solutions, enabling smarter decision making through measuring the reproductive, health and well-being status of individual animals.
With a long-term commitment to the livestock industry, they are passionate about providing unique and innovative solutions, that will improve long-term profitability and sustainability.