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NLIS Cattle Tags

These Allflex RFID cattle tags are 29mm and are the tag of choice used by almost all large pastoral companies in Australia as well as throughout the supply chain.

  • Available in white (Breeder) or orange (Post Breeder).
  • Made from the highest quality plastic and manufacturing processes
  • The best read distance in the market
  • Fast, easy application with three applicator styles available to suit your preference
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Breeder tags (white) can only be attached by the breeder before the animal leaves its property of birth
  • Post-Breeder tags (orange) are attached to cattle that are no longer on the breeder’s property, and are not identified with a Breeder device

They are externally marked with a 16 character NLIS number:

  • ABCD2345 – PIC (Property ID Code)
  • X – NLIS Code to identify the manufacturer
  • B – NLIS Code to indicate device type (B = Breeder and E = Post Breeder)
  • G – BREEDPLAN Year Code to indicate year of manufacture.
    Cannot have year codes ‘o’ or ‘i’. (Refer to Breedplan table on the left)
  • 00001 – Unique Management Number. The producer can specify this number sequence; first character can be alpha or numeric, numbers cannot be repeated within a calendar year.
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About the Organisation

Name: Allflex

Originally established to provide animal ID solutions for livestock producers, Allflex is now leading the way in technology innovation for livestock & animal management industries worldwide.
Following the acquisition of SCR Dairy & Sure Petcare, Allflex is now delivering advanced animal monitoring and intelligence solutions, enabling smarter decision making through measuring the reproductive, health and well-being status of individual animals.
With a long-term commitment to the livestock industry, they are passionate about providing unique and innovative solutions, that will improve long-term profitability and sustainability.

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