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Weather Certificates

A Weather Certificate is the future of insurance for farmers. It is a derivative that farmers can purchase to hedge the risk of a particular weather-related scenario. Our variety of Weather Certificates are personally tailored to your property and your specific needs, whether that be to protect your income from drought, frost, or excess rain. The Weather Certificates are non-indemnity which means no assessment for claims or damage is needed, instead, it is an automated payment straight into your account once the Certificate pays out.

Key Features

  • No assessment for claims - Automated payments straight into your bank account once the certificate pays out.
  • Climate Data sourced straight from BOM - Over 100 years of historical data is assessed in your location to create your Weather Certificate

  • Two-way collaborative process - We work with you to create unique certificates tailored to your specific needs. No two certificates are the same.

How does it add value ?

  • We create personalized certificates involving you in every step of the process, unlike a lot of the insurance products out there.
  • Provide a cheaper, more practical  alternative to some Price Risk Management Tools
  • You could can earn money off the certificate
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