There are so many farming and agricultural apps and software available to complement your farm business operations or to help you gain new insights. Don’t become overwhelmed by the choice available. This agtech software hub helps you to start making sense of the options available to because we do the legwork for you!

Are you one of the 19.6 million people across Australia (The Nielsen Company, 2016) who actively uses a computer, smartphone or tablet? If you are, think for a moment about the apps you have on your phone. Probably a handful of social media apps, apps so you don’t get lost, apps to access your email, something to help find you a great restaurant or the cheapest flight, perhaps to do your banking without leaving the couch, claiming your health insurance benefits, and maybe a couple to satisfy a slight shopping addiction.

What about farming related apps or software? Farmers have never before been more connected to the world (internet service permitting) through a small device that fits in the palm of their hand. Technology abounds and astounds and there is a plethora of farming apps and digital solutions out there, from end-to-end farm management software in the palm of your hand, farm record management, traceability systems, livestock buying and selling platforms, news, weather, markets, and some other handy tools.


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