ASKBILL – Farm Table


Key Features

  • Individual farm records
  • Pasture availability
  • Tracks on-farm progress towards weight and fat targets
  • Alerts two weeks ahead of high risk of flystrike
  • Alerts you at least five days in advance of extreme weather
  • Alerts you to the risk of worm infection on your property up to two weeks before your sheep may be affected.
  • Alert producers to opportunities to improve sheep production and wellbeing up to six months ahead of events like joining, lambing, weaning and sale time.

ASKBILL web based software provides timely and accurate predictions of sheep well-being and productivity using weather, stock and pasture information to sheep producers across Australia

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Software Categories

Livestock Management: Sheep & Goats

Application Types

Cloud Based



Starting Costs

$100 +

Billing Models


Trial Durations

1 week - 1 month


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