AWEX Bale Weight Calculator -

AWEX Bale Weight Calculator

Key Features

  • The Bale Weight Calculator app is free
  • Available for apple and android smart phones
  • Does not require web/network connectivity to use
  • Can be used anywhere by woolgrowers, woolclassers, wool pressers, shed-handlers, contractors, anyone

AWEX Bale Weight Calculator is easy to use and requires the user to enter only:

1. The number of sheep in a mob (to be shorn)

2. Estimated cut per head (kg)

3. Maximum Bale Weight to be pressed

4. Minimum Bale Weight to be pressed

Once the above information is entered, the Bale Weight Calculator will calculate 5 wool pressing options. Each option will identify the number of bales pressed and if applicable, the kilograms remaining in a but.

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