Back Paddock Advisor – Farm Table

Back Paddock Advisor

Key Features

  • Quickly prepare whole-farm cropping and pasture plans.
  • Easily produce ‘recipes’ of inputs and operations for all paddocks.
  • Summarise all inputs for the farm into ‘shopping lists’.
  • Determine gross margin by crop and by paddock over a range of likely prices and yields.
  • Prepare ‘what if’ scenarios on alternative management strategies.
  • Produce detailed reports and budgets including seasonal cash-fl ow projections.
  • Provide clear operational plans to farm managers and workers.
  • Easily revise plans as the season progresses.
  • Review, analyse and compare what happened to what was planned.
  • Freecall the Back Paddock Helpdesk.

Back Paddock Advisor by the Back Paddock Company is farm management tool for production planning across a variety of levels, from the business level to the paddock. Designed for advisors to record and plan their clients enterprise and continually analysis the productivity and profitability of the enterprises.

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