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eAgronom – Intuitive Farm Management Software for Grain Growers


Independent Farm Management Software System For Grain Growers

eAgronom is an independent company built by farmers for farmers. We understand that you would rather be on the land instead of at the office buried in notebooks and spreadsheets!

We understand that you would rather be on the land instead of at the office buried in notebooks and spreadsheets! eAgronom software platform is straightforward, intuitive and easy-to-use. It’s designed for grain growers to improve their record-keeping, organize their tasks and plans, and analyse their seasons.

What growers like so far:
  • Paul from SA: “My paddocks are in the places where I often don’t have connectivity, eAgronom mobile app works also offline, and that has saved a lot of time to record my paddock activities, Thank you!”
  • Jeremy from WA: “Having tank mix calculator in eAgronom for spraying records saves me 20 minutes a day at least once a day. Also, weather info for my spraying tasks is added automatically, so I don’t have to worry about my spraying records”
  • Martin from NSW: “I can manage my livestock paddocks and crop paddocks all in one platform. Also having training on how to use the application has helped me to get the most out of the software
  • Agronomist from WA: “Adding tasks to multiple paddocks at once saves tons of time on the paddock, and farmers actually will record their activities.”

eAgronom focuses on the features farmers really need. We believe less is more: you get the functions that count without any extra clutter.

  • Interactive maps  – It starts with the paddock map. This is your home base. You see the whole of your farm and the crops grown on each paddock.
  • Crop planning – Create a crop rotation plan for up to five years into the future with a few clicks.
  • Record keeping – When you’re ready to get to work, set your tasks in eAgronom for the clearest, easiest record keeping.
  • Weather with Delta-T – We added weather recording as a feature after only four months in Australia. Simply mark a task as complete, and eAgronom will give you all the weather information you need.
  • Inventory management – You need products for tasks. eAgronom’s inventory feature will help you stay up to date. Everytime you buy something, log it in the inventory. When you mark a task as complete, eAgronom will deduct the amount you used from the stock automatically.
  • Mobile app with offline support – There’s no need to worry about being caught without your notes out on the paddock. eAgronom has a mobile app, and it works offline. You don’t even need cell service.
  • Budgeting and analysis – When the season’s over, eAgronom puts your data to use. Use the analysis screen to compare yields, task schedules, fertility, and profit.
  • Collaboration with agronomists – A little unclear how to get the most out of your analysis? eAgronom offers integration with your agronomist. Your agronomist has their own account, from which they’ll be able to access your farm and work alongside you.


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