Farm Stock – Farmplan – Farm Table

Farm Stock – Farmplan

  • Suitable for breeders, traders or combination of both.
  • Record your diary of planned and actual events. Search the diary on dates or character strings.
  • Maintains detailed records for mobs and/or individual livestock.
  • Maintains breed, gender, management information.
  • Accommodates up to five animal identification options – management tag, NLIS, RFID, alternate tag and tattoo.
  • Reconciles to the MLA NLIS Database.
  • Records complete history of animals from birth to slaughter, including weaning, weight gains, mating, calving, feed, printable pedigree tree, reproduction & breeding.
  • Maintains extensive purchase and sale records, gross margins, NLIS update aide, trucking company details, freight records, yarding and loading times, and sale of by-products.
  • Caters to many species including cattle, sheep, meat goats, fibre goats and milk goats.
  • Increases productivity and profitability by tracking animal characteristics and history.
  • Records stock movements by animal, mob or paddock.
  • Records chemical applications with traceability.
  • Customise the program to record the information that you wish to record without having to invent data to make the program work.
  • Chemical and feed inventories.
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