John Deere Connect Mobile

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Planting data attributes documented and displayed: * Actual Population * Target Population * Singulation * Seed Spacing CV * Gauge Wheel Margin * Applied Down Force * Ride Quality * Variety * Ground Speed   Spraying Data attributes documented and displayed: * Actual Rate * Rate Deviation * Pressure * Ground Speed * Estimated Droplet Size * Target Rate * Flow Rate * Tank Volume * Productivity * Fuel Rate

John Deere Connect Mobile is a mobile application downloaded onto an iPad that is used to help monitor, optimize, and better understand machine performance. The Connect Mobile app connects to the machine through a WiFi network to document and display machine performance and agronomic data about the operation performed by the machine. The app works in conjunction with either the GreenStar™ 3 2630 or Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ displays.

The Connect Mobile app can also wirelessly send data to the John Deere Operations Center using either a WiFi network with internet access or through cellular service using the grower’s cellular data plan. The app can also be used for basic crop scouting activities through the field review feature. Field review provides the grower access to every map layer documented by the Connect Mobile app and be displayed on the iPad at any time. iPads with an active cellular data plan will use a blue dot to show the device location within the field, helping the grower more accurately perform their crop scouting activities.

The John Deere Connect Mobile app can be used for planting operations with select John Deere planters and spraying operations with select John Deere self-propelled sprayers.

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