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Helps grain producers and farmers to report the prevalence of mice before they become a major issue.

Key Features

Mice are a significant problem in Australia, causing severe economic, social and environmental damage during plagues. Grain growing areas suffer damage to crops and to stored grain; rural businesses suffer damage from mice chewing stock and electrical wires; rural communities experience high levels of stress through the constant presence of mice. Damage occurs to a wide array of crops. MouseAlert is a community resource that can be used by anyone to record observations of mice. Information you record can be used to manage mice more effectively to reduce the damage they cause and plan for control activities.  

How does it add value ?

  • Document mouse activity in crops, grain storage, etc
  • Stay informed about changes in mouse activity in your local area
  • Alert your local biosecurity group and neighbours to changes in mouse activity
  • Develop a coordinated control program with your local community

MouseAlert is a free resource that grain producers and farmers can use to record and report the prevalence of mice before they become a major issue. MouseAlert is a free resource, and can help you to notify producers in your region about changes in mouse activity. Information you enter, can be used to alert local biosecurity authorities and other people about changes in mouse populations, which can help everyone reduce the problems they cause.

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