Red Sky Farm Business Analysis – Farm Table

Red Sky Farm Business Analysis

Key Features

  • Develops annual accounts into relevant and useable management information
  • Develops annual budgets and business plans
  • Provides benchmarking measures for continuing business improvement
  • Allows individuals to form and join groups over the internet to share data e.g. a 'discussion group' of like minded farmers could decide to share their individual data to look intensively at their comparative performance; and
  • Efficiently processes complex financial information and reduces it to readily understandable performance measures that make business decisions easier for farmers
  • Cash Flow function provides a rapid appraisal of financing requirements and will ensure that the reports can be used for a loan proposal or annual bank report

Red Sky Farm Business Analysis is a package designed to help answer the essential questions to dairy, sheep, beef and cropping that are asked everyday. The mix of both financial and physical measurement is the key to analysing business performance and designing business plans. Along with producing ratios that determine return on assets as well as equity, there are ratios that determine debt level and equity growth, cash movement and degree of risk. On the physical side there are ratios that describe animal performance as well as calculations of pasture harvested per hectare and feed costs split between pasture, forages and concentrates. There are also a number of staff ratios that indicate level of performance in this area.

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