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Key Features

  • Estimate soil water
  • Bureau of Meteorology and local rainfall records
  • Push prone and soil water sensor compatible

SWApp provides farmers and advisers with a ready estimate of plant available water (PAW) in the soil during fallow and crop phases. SWApp estimates soil water (PAW) using a proven water balance model  and inputs from:

  • weather data from a nearby Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) sourced from the Silo (;
  • rainfall data from:
    • a local gauge (manual entry);
    • a Bluetooth enabled rain gauge (20m range);
    • Netatmo weather stations with a rain gauge; and
    • A “Data Cloud” which accesses a range of commercial instruments (under development).
  • a soil description best suited to your paddock; and
  • soil and crop cover conditions for each paddock.


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