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FOA Take Control Program Price Increase

March 1

Today, the Take Control Program offered through Farm Owners Academy will increase from $3,000 to $5,000 so you must get in beforehand to take advantage of the great price!

Introducing Take Control, a program for farmers who want to become the best they can be!

If you’re a young farmer who wants a strong business that will support your family for life…

Or an established farmer who’s tired of working so hard after decades of not making enough money…

Or you simply want to increase your farm’s profitability to sell it for a fantastic price…

Take Control can help.

Join us and learn how to operate like a million-dollar farming business owner.

It’s not all about money. But when you increase your cash flow, you increase your choices. Here’s how you’ll do it…

Success is never because of just one thing: it’s a compound effect of doing lots of small things – and doing them well. That’s what this program is about. It’s the whole system for success – because farming’s a whole system.

Module 1: Take Control of YOU

As the farm owner, you are the #1 MOST important asset in your business. To start operating at a top level, you have to think like a million-dollar business owner. You’ll stop the behaviours (that you’re probably not even aware you’re doing) that are keeping you from success and start having a mindset that builds confidence…so all the other things can fall into place.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The 6 TOP Producer traits you need to develop your million-dollar business owner mindset and stop second-guessing yourself
  • How to get crystal clear on what you want from your life and how to properly document these goals in a system that allows you to make them happen
  • Proven tricks to keep a positive mindset to keep going when most other farmers would quit
  • The 8 winning habits of highly-successful business owners: do these and people will start seeing you as a powerful business leader
  • Strategies to stop your “stinking thinking” that’s sabotaging your current success

Module 2: Take Control of YOUR TIME

After taking control of yourself, time management is the next critical area to have a top 20% farming business. You’ll learn the proven time-management strategies to double your productivity AND free up at least 10 hours per week. You’ll open up to new ways of investing your time to focus on more money-producing activities and enjoy more stress-free time with family and friends.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • Discover the 11 Time Management Commandments to use your time to make a significant impact on your farm
  • Set clear 10-year goals…then pull it back to 3 years, 12 months, and 90-day blocks to get (way) more done by working with clarity
  • Create a strong rhythm in your business with the Meeting Pulse to consistently achieve more every week, month, quarter, and year

Module 3: Take Control of YOUR BUSINESS

It’s time to get serious about the success of your farm by stepping up to become a strategic business owner. We’ll take the same business practices that top companies use and apply them to your farm. You’ll learn what it takes to double the profitability in your business within the next few years (to give you more freedom and stability) by working smarter, not harder.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The Farm Business Hexagon: the cornerstone of taking control of your business
  • The 3-step process to create the core systems your farming business needs to save you time, energy, money, and stress
  • The surprising business tactic to increase your farm’s profitability (when Steve Jobs did this, it made Apple a billion-dollar company)
  • 5 key tools to break through your business ceiling so you’ll never plateau again as you steadily improve month after month
  • The 4 departments your farming business needs to hit the multimillion-dollar mark


Module 4: Take Control of YOUR TEAM

Controlling team members (especially when they’re your family!) is one of the biggest challenges in any business. In Module 4, you’ll learn how to manage your team like a million-dollar enterprise. You’ll understand how to manage different personalities, balance personal relationships, and balance egos to behave more like a business and less like a family farm.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The 3 levels of team members you need to fulfil the vision of your business
  • The People Analyser tool to objectively evaluate your team members (this is great for family!)
  • How to set clear expectations to ensure all jobs get done the way *you* would do them!
  • The simple G.W.C. Protocol to ensure employees are aligned with your business
  • Team communication secrets to start operating as a single unit, which brings enormous momentum, leads to more profitability, and removes stress


Module 5: Take Control of YOUR FINANCES

Real wealth creation happens when you work ON your farm, not IN it. As the leader of your farming business, you need to think like a financial director to optimise operations and make more money. What you’ll learn in this module will lead to an increase in wealth creation and highly sustainable business growth (without ever needing to take a finance class.)

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to create your Financial Scorecard to monitor where your money’s going and make financially smart decisions
  • The key numbers you must track to become a million-dollar enterprise
  • How to reduce costs and maximise profitability by performing a monthly financial audit
  • The secrets to setting strong budgets so every $1 spent makes $2 back in profit
  • How top business owners invest their money and how to get started


March 1


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