AgNews Wrap Up: 7 December 2018

  1. Strawberry growers unite to thank Australia (7 December, Get Farming)

  2. After a record dry, 2018 may be the year of the Indian Ocean Dipole (7 December, Weather Zone)

  3. Imported molasses delivered to graziers in an Australian first (7 December, ABC)

  4. Drought charity challenges debated (6 December, Farm Online)

  5. 60 Minutes, Animals Australia deny Joyce’s whistleblower claims (6 December, Farm Online)

  6. Live sheep trade hangs on by a micron (6 December, Farm Online)

  7. Dairy’s watershed year (6 December, Farm Online)

  8. Victorian cow turn-off at unusually high levels (6 December, Farm Online)

  9. Beating a dead horse: how PETA’s five new phrases miss the mark (6 December, Farm Online)

  10. Industry ignored in closure of Ag colleges  (6 December, getfarming)

  11. Farmers open their properties to tourists to ease the financial strain caused by drought (5 December, Weather Zone)

  12. What makes this week’s hot weather a heatwave? (5 December, Weather Zone)

  13. Sheep live exporters ignored own advice on social licence (5 December, Farm Online)

  14. Stock theft, illegal hunting vastly under-reported by ‘time poor’ farmers (5 December, ABC)

  15. $5 billion Future Drought Fund (4 December, Get Farming)

  16. Australia’s crop production takes hammering as drought, frosts bite (4 December, ABC)

  17. Trial to get welfare recipients into farm work labelled a failure (4 December, ABC)

  18. Landcare rolls out 195 new projects under $450m plan (2 December, Farm Online)

  19. Meet Dozer — the colossal Canadian steer who might be even bigger than Knickers (2 December, ABC)

  20. Littleproud defends Labor criticism of FHA application deadline (1 December, Farm Online)