Archery on horseback might help pony clubs get back in the saddle

Horse archery is getting up a gallop as interest in its warrior-like appeal helps to rein in the decline in pony club memberships.

South Australian Bianca Stawiarski, a horse archery competitor and trainer, said part of the reason the sport was gaining momentum was its warrior-like appeal to young men.

“Boys are now seeing that there is another option as an equestrian discipline to not just do show-jumping cross country and dressage,” Ms Stawiarski said.

“Now boys are seeing that there’s something a little bit more warrior-like that they can put together.”

Ms Stawiarski said there was a degree of flexibility in the sport.

“We shoot to the front, we shoot to the side, we shoot to the back, we shoot straight up in the air and down on the ground. We shoot across the horse as well.”

Ms Stawiarski has travelled the world competing and is now teaching the sport to young people at pony clubs in South Australia.

“Overseas they’re just starting to incorporate cross-country.

“Now that looks like a really exciting thing, you know jumps and water jumps and shooting. It looks like a lot of fun,” Ms Stawiarski said.

Bianca Stawiarski travels to South Australia pony clubs teaching young people horse archery.


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