Behind the fluffy faces of Instagram cat and dog fame, vets warn of an ugly reality

Posted December 09, 2018 07:34:36

Photo: Persian cat Wilfred’s online popularity exploded after he was used in a viral video last month. (Instagram: @wilfredwarrior)

“I swear I’m not a crazy cat person,” says Lora. The US-based owner of Luckysuperstarcat — a Persian cat with nearly 95,000 Instagram followers — does not want to give her surname, but insists she’s just a normal pet owner.

Key points: Cats and dogs with deformities are a hit on social media Vets warn that this encourages inbreeding and health problems Owners say this is far-fetched and the animals are healthy and loved

She is surprised by some aspects of Lucky’s fame though.

“You have no idea [the sorts of messages I get] people have asked me to record Lucky’s snorts and sell [them on] CD,” she says.

But Lucky’s celebrity pales when compared to the latest pet sensation: Britain’s Wilfredwarrior, whose followers jumped from 40,000 to 400,000 after two of his videos were repurposed by a US comedian last month.