Black sesame seed crop proves drought resistant during central Queensland’s warmest summer

Updated August 12, 2018 13:28:51

Photo: The trial saw 12 black sesame seed varieties planted. (ABC Capricornia: Rachel McGhee)

Australians are one step closer to seeing locally grown black sesame oil and ice cream products on supermarket shelves, with the first commercial crop harvested in Queensland.

Australia currently imports all of its black sesame. It is mainly used for oil but it can also be used for food flavouring, cosmetics, and is claimed to have health benefits.

The seed is grown in the driest parts of India and scientists say it is one of the most drought tolerant crops in the world.

That is why a central Queensland farmer has teamed up with university researchers, a specialised seed company, and the local council to grow the first Australian commercial crop of black sesame seed.

Photo: Black sesame is now a popular flavour of ice cream. (Supplied: Young Beamish) Crop grew in QLD’s warmest summer on record

Peter Foxwell is a dry land farmer at Alton Downs, west of Rockhampton.

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