Agricultural Marketing

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Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Maximise your business and improve your marketing with this course. Explore innovative and different approaches to improve sales and profit for any agricultural enterprise, on or off farm.

Learn to sell farm produce

Very few non-rural businesses are presented with the continuing changes and variations that confront a rural business.

The impact of climate and the environment requires the rural manager has to continually consider, evaluate, and reassess (often on a daily or even hourly basis,) the numerous changes and types of information that affect his or her business. The successful rural manager understands his or her unique markets, and how to capitalise on market forces to maximise business profit.

Controlling the Farm’s Future depends upon Controlling the Farm’s Marketing. This course develops your ability to analyse and manage marketing problems in an agricultural enterprise. Topics covered include: market research, management of your marketing, promotions, handling produce, packaging, distribution, customer relations and more.


  • Explain the role of marketing in business and the importance of marketing in the business plan.
  • Assess the relative importance of marketing planning and to determine marketing strategies in relation to farming.
  • Identify target markets to select suitable marketing methods.
  • Explain the physical handling of products in the marketing process including packaging, labeling, presentation and transportation.
  • Plan to maintain sound customer relations in an agricultural business.
  • Conduct market research into a product or service in the agricultural industry.
  • Plan to manage the promotional program for an agricultural business.
  • Develop strategies to manage the marketing of an agricultural enterprise.

Why study this course?

Marketing skills are all too often a weakness for people involved in agriculture. Without good marketing though, sales are weak, and that means income is weak, and ultimately the viability of farm production begins to suffer.

This course will strengthen your understanding of marketing and give you a greater awareness of how you can sell agricultural products.

This course can provide a foundation for anyone selling produce from a farm or to a farm. This may include:

  • farmers seeking to be more effective at selling their produce
  • sales officers who sell farmers their equipment materials and any other services or supplies
  • agents, farm cooperatives or any others who sell raw or processed produce from farms

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