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Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Study Agronomy to learn how to grow broad acre crops, cereal crops, fibre crops, oil crops, and more. Learn about crops ranging from wheat and cotton to soy and sunflower.

Learn to grow grain, oil and fibre crops on a broad acre farm.

Improve your growing capacity with this course focusing on grain, oil, and more. Discover the most suitable crop types for your environment, report on your local area, and discuss possibilities with experts in the field.

What is Agronomy?
Broadly defined as the practice and study of field crops for use as human food, animal feed, fibre, oil seed and some industrial product, agronomy involves the biological and physical factors related to crop production. These include:

  • crop physiology
  • plant breeding
  • pest control
  • soil science and management
  • crop rotation
  • tillage
Note that agronomic practices refers to field crops such as wheat and cotton. It does not cover vegetable, fruit, forestry and flower crops.


  • Develop your understanding and confidently describe the nature and scope of agronomic practices within your country and others
  • Discuss what is grown, where it is grown and the diversity of practices used to grow a wide range of crops
  • Learn how to identify factors that affect the success of a crop; including soil condition, climate factors and biological influences such as pests and diseases
  • Clearly describe significant practices used by farmers in the growing of an agronomic crop; including the management of soils, water, cultivation and crop protection
  • Explain how to achieve successful seed germination for different agronomic crops under different conditions in the field
  • Discuss practices used to farm cereals for harvest and sale as cash crops
  • Discuss practices used to farm broad leaf crops for harvest and sale as cash crops
  • Understand the use of different harvesting equipment and techniques including post harvest handling for a range of different crops
  • Demonstrate your knowledge by producing a management plan for a crop from planting to post harvest handling

Why choose this course?

Some students take this course to fill in gaps in their understanding of broad acre crops, but for others, it is a foundation for something relatively new to them. Farmers may benefit by broadening their understanding and awareness of ways they might use their land; and others who work servicing the agricultural industry can gain a much better understanding of what their clients, customers and colleagues face in their daily work.

This course can benefit:

  • farmers
  • farm contractors
  • agricultural suppliers
  • farm produce agents and marketers
  • agricultural students
  • other agricultural professionals, from writers and educators to research scientists, seeds men and plant breeders

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