Animal Anatomy and Physiology (Animal Husbandry I)

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Learn animal anatomy and physiology from our team of professional animal scientists. Study animal systems and physiology, potential health issues, and more.

Discover what makes animals tick…

Understanding the basics of animal anatomy and physiology will help you manage and care for your animals.

Appropriate for beginners and intermediate students alike, this course will help you learn the baselines for animal health and biological systems. It will help you:

  • understand how to diagnose disease
  • determine if an animal has sustained an injury
  • understand the physical capabilities or limitations of particular species
  • understand what happens in the nutrition and growth processes

What is Anatomy? What is Physiology?

The term anatomy refers to the science that deals with the form and structure of animals. Physiology deals with the study of functions of the body or any of its parts. A thorough knowledge of the structure of an animal imparts a lot of information about the various functions it is capable of performing.

This knowledge is essential if you want to work with animals in any capacity.


  • Explain the structure of animals, including bones, organs, cells and tissues.
  • Explain the digestion of animals.
  • Explain the circulatory system of animals.
  • Explain the structure and function of the animal urinary system.
  • Explain the nervous system of animals.
  • Explain the respiratory system of animals.
  • Explain the animal reproductive system.
  • Explain the muscular system in animals.
  • Explain the skeletal system of a typical mammal.
  • Explain biological mechanisms underlying the growth and development of animals.
  • Explain the endocrine system of animals.
  • Explain differences between different types of animals, in terms of both structure and function.

This course starts you off with the basics of animal anatomy and physiology which are fundamental to all types of work in the care of animals. Doing a course such as this shows you are serious about animals and their care.  It is aimed at:

  • Those working or wanting to work with animals but who don’t have any formal training.
  • Those working with animals (e.g. volunteers) to move into a paid career in this field or to improve their career prospects.
  • Those that want to gain access to further study.

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