Animal Diseases

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Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Learn about animal diseases and how veterinary professionals make a diagnosis. This course will help you understand the principles of disease, diagnosis, and how to determine an appropriate course of action to help animals in need.

Do You know When an Animal is Healthy or Sick?

Develop a foundation for understanding diseases in animals.

Routine disease investigations are based on clinical, pathological and epidemiological evidence. If there is a need for conclusive identification of a disease or condition, an accurate laboratory diagnosis should be obtained. It is particularly important, especially in the case of infectious diseases that the final diagnosis rests on adequate aetiological evidence.

In most cases disease investigations are carried out by professionals (In some countries it may be prescribed who can or should carry out an investigation to give a a diagnosis). It helps for animal owners to understand and be able to recognise diseases conditions that may affect their animals, so that timely intervention can occur.
How can study help you?
This course will help you to more readily recognise problems with animals as soon as they manifest. If you have always wanted to work with animals then this course is a great starting point towards a qualification. If you work in an animal shelter, have farm animals, care for pets, work in a pet shop etc and would like to recognise the first symptoms and signs of a disease so you can call in a health professional as quickly as possible – this course will help you to do that.

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