Animal Feed & Nutrition (Animal Husbandry III)

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Learn to manage the feed and nutrition of farm animals. Study at home with this 100-hour, extensive course for farmers and farm workers.

What do Animals Eat?

Learn to manage food and nutrition for pets, farm animals or wildlife in zoos. This course introduces animal foods, food components, evaluating food and digestibility for animals, classifying foods and calculating rations.


  • Describe the range of livestock feeds and feeding methods available for animal production, using accepted industry terminology.
  • Explain the role of energy foods, including the sources and functions of those foods, in animal diets.
  • Explain the function of the major nutritional groups, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in animal diets.
  • Explain the on-farm methods used to evaluate feeding, including selection of feeds and feed digestibility.
  • Evaluate the dietary value of pastures, including grasses, cereals, and other edible plants, and their by-products for animal feeds.
  • Explain the dietary value of seeds, including oil seeds, legume seeds and their by-products as food sources for animals.
  • Evaluate the dietary value of fodder plants, including trees and shrubs and their by-products, as a food source in animal production.
  • Determine suitable feed rations for a farm animal maintenance program.
  • Analyse the method(s) to determine suitable feed rations in a farm animal production program.
  • Evaluate the dietary value of protein in an animal production program.
  • Explain the factors affecting the composition of feed rations in animal production.

Why Study Animal Feed and Nutrition?
There are many reasons you may need to learn about animal feed and nutrition requirements, including:

  • As a farmer or pet owner; to better care for your animal
  • To care for animals you work with (eg. in animal rescue, animal health care, a zoo, pet shop, etc)
  • To manufacture or market animal food products

This course can be a very useful learning experience for these or any other situation where you find yourself involved with providing services or products to support the health and wellbeing of farm animals, pets or wildlife.

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