Animal Health (Animal Husbandry II)

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

An exceptional course for anyone working with animals. Learn how to assess the health of animals. Learn how to identify health conditions and how to treat them.

A substantial foundation course

You probably already know that to succeed in working with animals must have a keen interest in animals and the desire to spend many hours working with them. But, think about how much of an advantage you could have if you also have a knowledge of animal health…

Learn to see the signs of ill health and understand the possible causes of decline in the health of animals on a farm; or anywhere else.

This is a solid introduction to animal health, where you learn to assess animal health, explain a variety of conditions and identify appropriate treatments or responses to a range of more common complaints or illnesses.

Learn about:

  • disease classification
  • causes and diagnosis of disease
  • fever and immunity
  • tissue repair
  • inflammation
  • cell changes and much more…


  • Explain common health problems affecting animals, including the circumstances under which animals contract health problems, and methods used to prevent the development of ill health.
  • Analyse physical indicator symptoms of ill health in animals.
  • Determine the taxonomic class of animal pests and diseases.
  • Explain the diagnostic characteristics of the main types of animal pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Explain the methods used in the treatment of pests and diseases in farm animals.
  • Explain the role of inflammation, including it’s symptoms and causes, in animals.
  • Explain the biological processes which affect and control the immune system in animals.
  • Explain the biological processes which affect and control tissue repair in animals.
  • Determine procedures for the management of wounds to animals, on a farm.
  • Explain the processes involved in cellular change in animals.
  • Diagnose simple health problems in farm animals.

How the Course can Benefit You 

Studying Animal Health enables you to understand the needs of animals in your care and how to recognise illness and make informed decisions for the best course of action in individual cases.

This course can be studied on its own. Alternatively, this course will give you the most benefit when combined with Animal Husbandry 1 and Animal Husbandry 3. It can also be taken as part of a Certificate or higher level qualification.

Opportunities for After Your Studies

You would benefit from this course if you:

  • are already working in (or have a goal to work in) animal health care
  • want to go on to further study in this field
  • are a farmer

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Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: No

Key Details:

Location : This is an online course
Contact Phone : 07 5562 1088
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