Associate Diploma in Animal Husbandry

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 1500 hours
Qualification: Associate Diploma

Become an animal health professional. Learn to manage a range of domestic animals including livestock. Provide consultancy services to farmers and other animal owners.

Forge Yourself Opportunities Working With Animals

A knowledge of animal health and wellbeing is vital in industries where animals are bred and grown. There are also many fringe industries where animals may be used but are not the main part of the business.

The study of animal health is also of great value to individuals who would like to set up businesses which involve animals in some way.

This Advanced Certificate in Animal Health will provide a range of skills and knowledge to meet the needs of a diverse range of people working in and around animal management.

Gain the skills for success in animal health

The agriculture industry is diverse and highly varied, therefore the opportunities for you in this industry are limitless.

The course tutors available to you, are skilled professionals who are fully qualified in the various subject areas. The combination of their qualifications and many years of actual practical experience, will benefit you greatly as you work through the course.

Through practical tasks, research, observation and networking; when studying with ACS, you are guided to develop not only knowledge of agricultural science, but also “understanding”, “awareness” and the right “attitude” that is needed to build either a sustainable career or business.

How to work towards your strengths

  • This course is different to many others, because it goes well beyond just teaching you the basic animal husbandry skills, but offers a solid foundation of the necessary agricultural science and industry background.
    It is an “experiential based” learning program; designed to get you involved with a variety of industry professionals, while exploring the nature and scope of this field.
  • You can direct your studies to your current area of expertise, or choose a new direction for yourself.  You can also make your studies as focused or as broad as you need it to be.

If your studies have developed a proper foundation; you will enter the workforce with a network of contacts, an awareness of opportunities, and you will continue learning afterwards, through experience.

An extensive course like this is sets you on the path to develop your career faster, easier and more appropriate; provided you approach your career with realistic expectations.

For ongoing success, you need to become “connected”.  This networking within the industry will provide the basis to remain “connected”, so that you can evolve and adapt to changes as your career moves forward.

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Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: No

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Location : This is an online course
Contact Phone : 07 5562 1088
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