Bachelor of Animal Science

University of New England
Indicative Price: CSP/International
Duration: 4 years full-time, up to 10 years part-time
Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Location: Armidale

The Bachelor of Animal Science with Honours degree aims to teach students the principles behind the production and management of animals, as well as having knowledge of research principles and methods and the ability to plan and conduct an independent research project.  This course is designed for those interested in our relationship with and management of animals in a rapidly changing world. The majors specialise in either domesticated, companion or wild animals.

Students will study the basic sciences and applied biological sciences before undertaking specialist units. The course also develops practical skills.

The Livestock Production major has streams enabling specialisation in sheep and wool science, animal health and nutrition, animal genetics, intensive animal production and consulting and advisory services.

The Canine and Equine major teaches fundamentals of animal nutrition, physiology, genetics and human-animal interactions. Students in this major will be well placed for a career in the petfood industry, detector dog agencies, canine control and the equine and racehorse industries.

The Wildlife Management major is designed for students seeking a career in the management and conservation of wildlife or management of feral animals. The course also teaches practical skills in animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics breeding, health and welfare.

Units Of Study:

The course has three specialist majors focussing on: (1) livestock production; (2) wildlife management; and (3) horses and dogs.

The program includes four units of equine related study from the University of Queensland which is completed from UNE on a cross-institutional basis.

Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: Yes

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Location : This is an online course
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