Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Agricultural Engineering)

University of Southern Queensland
Indicative Price: AUD 21570
Duration: 4 years or part-time equivalent
Qualification: Bachelor Degree
Location: Toowoomba

As the only provider of Agricultural Engineering degrees in both Australia and New Zealand, USQ will provide you with the unique professional knowledge and skills to make an impact with USQ’s Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Agricultural). Study while you work, either externally or on-campus and have the flexibility to adapt your study to your life.

With Toowoomba at the epicentre of the Darling Downs’ agriculture and farming industries; USQ will provide you with the advantage of industry knowledge and understanding to give you the expertise that will open up a range of challenging careers and experience to you. Linked to the world-class research centre in Agricultural Engineering, and with emphasis on modern and sustainable engineering concepts, you will develop the skills and knowledge to tackle complex agricultural problems and apply engineering solutions.

In your final year of the program you will put your knowledge to the test in your research project where you will prove your skills in a project suited to your interests. Previous students have produced projects in the area of the Performance Characteristics of Pressure Regulation Devices in Broad-acre Irrigation, among a wide variety of agricultural innovations.

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Units Of Study:

Academic Courses Year 1

  • Introduction to Engineering and Spatial Science Applications
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering and Spatial Science Problem Solving Principles
  • Engineering Materials
  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Engineering Statics
  • Technology, Sustainability and Society
  • Spatial Science for Engineers

Practice Courses Year 1

  • Engineering Practice 1

Academic Courses Year 2

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Hydraulics I
  • Stress Analysis
  • Engineering Simulations and Computations
  • Agricultural Science
  • Geology and Geomechanics

Practice Courses Year 2

  • Geology and Geomechanics Practice
  • Hydraulics Practice
  • Field Practice

Academic Courses Year 3

  • Agricultural Materials and Post-Harvest Technologies
  • Soil Science
  • Hydraulics II
  • Precision and Smart Technologies in Agriculture
  • Dynamics I
  • Hydrology
  • Engineering Research Methodology

Practice Courses Year 3

  • Soil and Water Engineering Practice 2
  • Agricultural Engineering Practice
  • Professional Practice 1

Academic Courses Year 4

  • Engineering Management
  • Agricultural Soil Mechanics
  • Research Project Part 1
  • Irrigation Science
  • Research Project Part 2

Practice Courses Year 4

  • Professional Practice 2
  • Work Experience - Professional
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Linear Systems and Control
  • Engineering Project and Operations Management
  • Robotics and Machine Vision
  • Land Studies
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Public Health Engineering
  • Environmental Technology
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Design of Machine Elements
  • Materials Technology
  • Climate Change and Variability
  • Mechanical and Mechatronic System Design
  • Biology Concepts
Online Course: No
Funding Available: Yes

Eligibility Criteria :

10 OP / 79 Rank score (2017 requirement).

  • Subject pre-requisites: English (4, SA), Mathematics B (4, SA) or equivalent
  • Recommended study: Year 12 Physics (4SA)

You are required to satisfy the applicable English language requirements. This program requires a minimum of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

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