Certificate in Agriculture – Self Designed

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 600 hours
Qualification: Certificate I

Learn agricultural theory and practice. Improve a farm, start an agricultural service business, get a job. 600-hour, very flexible certificate.

Working in the farming industry

Opportunities exist for work both on a farm, and among businesses that supply goods and services to farms. This certificate can greatly improve your capacity to work better and be more productive in either situation. Here are just a couple of examples of what an on farm job might be like:-

Farm manager

Farm managers are responsible for the overall day to day operation of the farm; and the level of responsibility and complexity of that job can be variable according to the size and scope of operation involved.

Some farms may employ only a handful of part time staff, whereas others can be very large scale operations with scores of employees.

The farm manager of a smaller property can be very much a hands on position, working in the paddocks tending to animals or crops, undertaking repair and improvement work to facilities and directing other staff and contractors.  The farm manager on a larger property may be more involved in management and coordination of employees, with less hands-on work.

Many farm managers are self employed, and others are employed by the farm owner to manage their farm.  Many companies which sell agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables and animal products purchase farms to increase their profits, thus requiring the employment of a farm manager.

Typical Jobs for Farm Managers

  • Ordering equipment and supplies
  • Planning work programs
  • Directing staff (and contractors)
  • Managing the maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Managing stock levels and quality
  • Managing animal or crop health/condition
  • Budget control
  • Record keeping
  • Staff training
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Farm Contractor
If this type of work interests you then this course could be an excellent program for you to follow; it allows you to choose areas of interest that best suit your current goals and also your future aspirations. This can also be viewed as a beginning – you can add on units later if you decide that you want to further expand your qualifications. This course will cater to your needs and not skimp on the fundamental knowledge needed to be successful in farming.

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