Certificate in Animal Husbandry

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 600 hours
Qualification: Certificate I

Learn to farm different types of livestock. Useful for better farm management or to improve your job and career opportunities.

The Certificate in Animal Husbandry is an entry level course suitable for students who wish to gain knowledge related to companion animals and livestock. The qualification consists of 600 hours of study divided into core and elective modules of study.

Core studies include the study of animal anatomy and physiology, animal health care, and animal feed and nutrition. Elective units are chosen to direct studies toward the students area of interest.

Elective units may include Horse Care I, II and III; Animal Breeding; Dairy Cattle; Beef Cattle; Pigs; Calf Rearing; Sheep; Goats, Dog Care, Cat Care, Wildlife Management, Recognising Animal Diseases; and Natural Animal Health Care.

This Can be Your first Step toward an Exciting Future

To be successful working with animals, you need not only knowledge, but also passion, persistence and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Industry is changing faster than ever; and will continue to change; and for ongoing success you need to become “connected” and remain “connected”, so that you see and adapt to recent changes, and ongoing changes as your career moves forward.

This course can give you the knowledge and raise your awareness of industry. When you know and understand animals and their care; you have an enhanced ability to communicate with people who work on farms, zoos and in the pet industry; and your capacity to connect with others in the industry, and find opportunities for business or employment will be enhanced.

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Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: No

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Location : This is an online course
Contact Phone : 07 5562 1088
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