Certificate in Equine Husbandry

ACS Distance Education
Duration: 600 hours
Qualification: Certificate I

Learn to raise and manage horses. Useful to enhance your career, improve or start an equine business, or get a job in the equine industry.

Develop your horse husbandry and management skills

Horse ownership is flourishing in many countries. While owning a horse is a dream for many people, it is a dream that comes with responsibilities. It requires that you have knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of caring for these intelligent animals.

This course provides important information on horse ownership and care.

The equine industry is bigger than what most people might realise today. It employs large numbers of people and horses found in more industries than you might realise, including:

  • racing
  • recreational riding
  • tourism
  • mounted police

Completing this course will not only expand your knowledge and understanding of horses, but you will be more aware of the nature and scope of the equine industry; you will notice opportunities that you may have not seen before, and you will look at horses differently.

Graduates may decide to only work with their own horses, perhaps starting an equine business. Alternatively they may find employment within the equine industry, in any number of situations, such as:

  • stable hand
  • groomer
  • track rider
  • animal attendant
  • stud worker
  • horse breeder
  • horse trainer
  • event organiser
  • farm manager
  • equine supplies sales or marketing officer

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Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: No

Key Details:

Location : This is an online course
Contact Phone : 07 5562 1088
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