Certificate II in Aquaculture

Indicative Price: Max. fee if eligible for subsidy $1,340.
Duration: 2 years
Qualification: Certificate II
Location: Grafton Campus

Are you interested in a career in the seafood industry? The nationally recognised Certificate II in Aquaculture will launch your career growing fish in a controlled environment for human consumption. A wide variety of practical, technical and administrative activities are involved in this work.

On the course, participants will learn how to harvest stock for a variety of products, carry out post-harvest operations and prepare stock for transport. Students will develop skills in maintaining the quality of the stock culture environment or holding facility (water quality, temperature, flow, etc.), as well as maintaining and constructing stock culture structures, and other farm structures. The Certificate II teaches students the knowledge of construction, farming and marine skills required in Aquaculture.

Graduates will be able to work on aquaculture farms and fish out / put-and-take operations; or in hatcheries and nurseries; live post-harvest holding facilities, such as processing plants, wholesalers or transporters; pet shops, public aquaria, zoos or other facilities with aquatic animals; as well as for companies providing contract specialist services for aquaculture operations.

This course is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship.

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Units Of Study:

Units may include:

  • Communicate in the seafood industry
  • Work effectively in the seafood industry
  • Meet workplace OHS requirements
  • Apply basic food handling and safety practices
  • Feed stock
  • Handle stock
  • Manipulate stock culture environment
  • Undertake routine maintenance of water supply and disposal systems and structures
  • Monitor stock and environmental conditions
  • Carry out on-farm post-harvest operations
  • Harvest cultured or held stock
  • Maintain stock culture, holding and other farm structures
  • Operate and maintain high technology water treatment components
  • Control predators and pests
  • Control diseases
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Maintain the temperature of seafood
  • Prepare, pack and dispatch stock for live transport
  • Clean fish
  • Clean work area
  • Oversee and undertake effluent and waste treatment and disposal
  • Maintain water quality and environmental monitoring
  • Carry out basic aquaculture activities.
Online Course: No
Funding Available: No

Eligibility Criteria :

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

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Boost Course Category:

Certificate II

Course Type:

Flexible/Own pace

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