Cropping Farmers Reveal How To Return Good Profits From Marginal Soil & Low Rainfall

Farming Secrets
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This course is for all farmers who have sandy soils, marginal farmland, soils degraded from high chemical use, lack of rainfall, erratic weather and want to do biological farming.

Ian and Dianne Haggerty, cropping farmers in Western Australia, know the importance of their soils “Improving biological activity in the soil helps to build rich topsoils, but this can’t be done when high analysis fertilizers like N and P are being used.” Ian Haggerty says that abandoning traditional farming practices and moving into biological farming requires a careful transition period. “Because soil function has been impaired by chemicals it needs a gradual integration of biological farming practices,” Ian Haggerty said. The Haggerty’s have successfully improved soils on degraded farms bringing them back to life.

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