EverGraze farm mapping – Dividing up the farm for grazing management

Qualification: Short Course

This Victorian workshop which is linked to FarmPlan 21 provides information and case study examples for identifying production zones, soils and pasture types on the farm which need to be managed differently or which have different capability in terms of grazing management and pasture establishment. Participants map their farms on iFarm to obtain paddock sizes and layers of pastures, soils etc. The material in the EverGraze Action (Online) – Dividing up the farm for grazing management, is delivered in this workshop.

What’s delivered?

  • Discuss the application of EverGraze principlesresearch outcomes and case studies in the context of identifying, mapping and managing production zones or land management units.
  • Develop an electronic farm map on iFarm.
  • Identify which pastures, soils, land classes and aspects exist on the farm and categorise these into groups which are managed differently, produce differently and suit different purposes.
  • Identify existing paddock sizes, proposed new fencing, pasture species and condition.
  • Discuss use of the map for accurately measuring paddock sizes, assisting with fertiliser and seeding rates, and development of feed budgets for organising grazing management.

* This course is designed to map participant’s farms prior to participating in Whole Farm Grazing Strategies, Pasture for Place and Purpose or Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Strategies. It is not run as a stand-alone course.

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