Irrigation – Agricultural Irrigation

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Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Statement of Attainment

Learn better water management and irrigation practices to improve a farm, increase farm profit and improve farm sustainability.

Irrigation – Study water management

Water is essential for both plant and animal growth. It is often a major limitation to productivity. Irrigation now plays a more significant role in agriculture than previously. Depending on the climate, the value of the plants or animals, the value of the land and it’s suitability for irrigation, the cost, reliability and quality of the water supply, irrigation may or may not be possible or feasible.

Irrigation may enable plants (i.e. crops, pasture) to be grown in a dry climate where it would not otherwise be possible, or it may supplement the existing rainfall and improve growth rates by extending the growth period of the plant, or by ensuring there is adequate moisture during critical periods when the plant is growing most rapidly. The value of irrigation can vary greatly from year to year depending on the distribution of rainfall during the growth season.
Don’t limit your productivity, improve your knowledge and understanding of irrigation with this course.

This is a sound foundation course introducing you to the basics of irrigation design and management.

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