Master of Philosophy (Agriculture)

University of Melbourne
Indicative Price: Funded by the Australian Government Research Training Program
Closing Date: 31/5/18
Duration: 4 years full-time or part-time equivalent
Qualification: Postgraduate

By writing a sustained thesis of approximately 40,000 words under academic supervision, which examines a specific problem, issue or topic, you’ll make a significant contribution to an existing area of knowledge in your field of study.

While researching for your thesis, you will be able to access specialist support for graduate research degree students, including lectures and seminars, writing boot camps and workshops.

Key research areas include: soil and plant health, animal health, animal production and welfare, food sciences and agribusiness.

Master by research degrees at the University of Melbourne seek to develop graduates who demonstrate advanced learning in research skills, increasing independence, creativity and innovation in their research work.


Units Of Study:

Undertake a piece of original research, under academic supervision.

Online Course: No
Funding Available: Yes

Eligibility Criteria :

1Minimum qualifications 
Applicants are required to have completed at least a four-year honours degree at H2A standard from an Australian university, or a qualification or combination of qualifications considered to be equivalent.

2Minimum level of academic achievement 
Applicants will have achieved an overall H1 (80-100%) or H2A (75-79%) grade in a relevant honours or Masters degree.
Applicants who have completed professional degrees such as a BVSc or DVM will be assessed individually.

3. Relevance of the Degree 
The completed degree must be in an area that is relevant to the intended PhD, including sufficient specialisation such that the applicant will have already developed an understanding and appreciation of a body of knowledge relevant to the intended PhD. Professional experience in the area of the intended PhD may be deemed equivalent.

4. Evidence of research ability 
Applicants are normally required to have completed a research project, component, subject or group of subjects that accounts for at least 25% of their work (i.e. Honours year), or 25% of one year accumulated over the length of a Masters course.

5. Currency of applicant's knowledge of the discipline 
The applicant's degree/s and/or professional experience must demonstrate that their knowledge of the discipline in which they plan to undertake their research higher degree is current. It is therefore expected that an applicant will have completed their tertiary studies and/or any relevant professional experience in the 10 years immediately prior to their intended entry to a PhD.

6. Assessment of level of suitability
Applicants should make contact with an FVAS academic staff member who they would like to work with by filling in an Expression of Interest.

Please do not contact supervisors directly.

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