Master of Rural Science

University of New England
Indicative Price: RTP/International
Duration: 2 years full-time, 4 years part-time.
Qualification: Postgraduate
Location: Armidale

The Master of Rural Science course aims is a program of independent, supervised research for high calibre graduates that make an advanced contribution to scholarship and mastery of a scientific field of knowledge related to provision of food and fibre for world needs.

The University of New England is committed to maintaining its strong research culture, underpinned by high research training standards. The Master of Rural Science Rules provide the framework for one of the University’s AQF Level 9 awards. They provide the rigorous processes that are essential for the maintenance of academic quality and integrity in the University’s operations, and that reflect the University’s values of providing a formative, respectful, inclusive, flexible and innovative environment for the delivery of high quality research training for its students.

Possible career pathways for Graduates include employment in research organisations such as CSIRO, universities, departments of primary industries, and with agricultural planning consultants.

Units Of Study:

Research thesis of up to 30,000 words.

Online Course: Yes
Funding Available: Yes

Eligibility Criteria :

1. Admission to candidature in the degree of Master of Rural Science (MRurSc) may be approved by the Committee only when the Head of School has:

(a) certified that the necessary facilities and appropriate support for the applicant undertaking the proposed MRurSc program are available; and

(b) nominated an appropriate Principal Supervisor and Co-supervisor(s) in accordance with Rule 4.

2. The Committee may, on the recommendation of the relevant Head of School, admit to candidature into the course for the degree of Master of rural Science (MRurSc) an applicant who:

(a) has a degree of Bachelor with at least second class honours (AQF Level 8) or equivalent; or

(b) has a degree at AQF Level 7 or equivalent and has adequate relevant preparation since graduation. Adequate relevant preparation may be gained by an approved academic course, professional training, during an occupation or through peer reviewed publications.

3. All applicants must meet the University's English Language Requirements for Admission Rule.

Key Details:

Location : This is an online course
Contact Phone : 1800 818 865
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New South Wales

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