Quad Bike Handling

Key Details

Location: Leeton area
Price: free
Duration: 1 day

A free course for those wanting to develop their skills in the safe use of four wheeled motor bikes. Learn to safely and effectively operate four wheeled motor bikes and to carry out routine checks and maintenance.

Learning outcomes:

  • identify, anticipate and control hazards by using safe riding techniques
  • identify responsibilities under the WHS Act 2011
  • carry out routine checks and maintenance
  • select suitable attachments appropriate to work requirements
  • select suitable personal protective equipment
  • operate quad bikes in a safe and controlled manner

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Study Units

  • Introduction
  • Quad bike operational hazards
  • Workplace health and safety issues
  • Quad bike design and selection
  • Basic maintenance
  • Basic quad bike operating techniques through a designated course
  • Basic quad bike operating techniques negotiating a dirt road route
  • Operating quad bikes with a range of loads attached
  • Loading, unloading and securing Quad bikes to a transport vehicle
  • Reversing a trailed implement with a quad bike
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Advanced riding techniques using slopes and rough terrain
  • Clean up quad bikes and refuel
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