Recognising Grasses

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Duration: 2 days
Category: Short Course

The workshop has been developed to allow participants to be able to recognise common weedy, native and desirable introduced grasses within an area and understand what they may indicate about the environment and management of a site.

Course aims:

To develop the skills and knowledge to recognise a range of grasses using only a few features.

Learning outcomes:

  • prepare resources and processes for use in recognition
  • identify desirable and non-desirable grasses requiring recognition
  • recognise and describe grass features
  • describe specific handling and growth requirements of local grasses
  • use appropriate methods of research to assist with grass recognition
  • document and update information about identified grasses


AHCPCM201 – Recognise plants

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Units Of Study:

  • Understanding grass structure
  • Preparing for grass recognition
  • Recognising local grass species and creating a reference collection
  • Tools to recognise grasses in the future


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About the Organisation:

Name: Debon Dwyer
Online Course: No
Funding Available: No

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