Refrigerating Farm Produce

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Duration: 100 hours
Qualification: Accredited Course

One of the most important aspects of food production is refrigeration, and it’s crucial for getting fresh produce from farms all across our country into consumers’ homes. Not only does this include meat; but also milk products that need to be refrigerated during the manufacturing process.

Whether you’re storing cut flowers or chemicals, growing nuts, seeds; an understanding of refrigeration and the role temperature plays in preservation and transport from the farm to market and beyond affects product integrity.

Learn to manage chilling or freezing of farm produce, optimum temperatures for the preservation of structure, flavour, and nutrition.

Units Of Study:

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Nature and Scope of Refrigeration
  2. The Refrigeration Process
  3. The Vapour Compression System
  4. Heat Load Calculations
  5. The Refrigeration Cycle: Refrigerants and Components
  6. Applied Refrigeration: Farm Produce
  7. Applied Refrigeration: Other Products
  8. Freezing Goods
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