Siphon Irrigation Training

Duration: Half day
Category: Short Course

This course was designed to assist in general training of backpackers and seasonal labour around flood irrigation. The trainer would be an experienced irrigator. It could be used by one business or run for a region. The course is designed to be run over half a day. The course includes a suggested outline, timing, equipment and supporting presentation.

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Units Of Study:

Work health safety (WHS) and induction:

  • working outside
  • correct siphoning handling technique to minimise back and knee strain
  • precautions for working in water
  • informing your manager if you can swim
  • experience driving various vehicles to irrigation sites
  • hazards
  • basic safety around pump stations
  • on farm induction (what to expect)


  • history of irrigation
  • why Irrigate?
  • why Irrigate?
  • parts of an irrigation system
  • starting a siphon overview
  • timing of irrigation
  • efficient Irrigation


  • demonstration - Starting, monitoring and stopping an irrigation set
  • practical 2 - starting, monitoring and stopping an irrigation set


Getting around


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Key Details:

Location : Ideally on-farm. The course will require an indoor venue (shed or tent where presentation equipment can be set up) and a field site with access to head ditch, siphons, irrigation infrastructure including a pump site and walkways
Duration : Half day
Online Course: No
Funding Available: No

Eligibility Criteria :

Seasonal labour including international backpackers and students.

Boost Course Category

Short Course

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