Succession Workshops

Qualification: Short Course

Proagtive offer two different workshops, which each generally run from 9am to 3pm.

1. Succession Planning

The workshop will provide participants with tools and strategies to address the following 12 areas of their business. When thinking about succession planning it is these 12 questions which every family farm business has to address in a staged process over time.

  1. What is succession planning and why is it so complex?
  2. What are the business and personal goals of each family member?
  3. What is the purpose of your business?
  4. Is your business in a financial position to meets the business and personal goals?
  5. Understanding your family dynamics and the intergenerational differences
  6. Importance of a formal communication strategy
  7. Importance of discussing and planning for retirement
  8. Formalising roles and responsibilities and reward and pay system
  9. Why we need documented Business Policies
  10. Understanding your business structure – legal and tax implications
  11. Understanding the role of business advisors in the succession process
  12. Viability and Finance Planning.

2. Proactive Agribusiness Solutions (PAS)

The following areas will be covered in the PAS workshop:

  1. Financial viability and the link to succession planning.
  2. Why do our numbers matter?
  3. The enterprise analysis.
  4. What is your budget purpose?
  5. Business viability – having a capital allocation plan
  6. How does the bank view our business?
  7. Understanding working capital?
  8. Capital sources and cost of debt

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to latest information, apply it to their own individual scenarios and to interact with other like minded people who are facing similar challenges in their business and will leave with some practical and useful tips, tools and techniques to introduce into their business.

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