The Farmer’s Guide to Ruminant Nutrition

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The Farmer’s Guide to Ruminant Nutrition is your solution to take control of your production and profit! It is a six-step system to help you organise your feeding program to meet your economic goals by tailoring decisions to your specific environment and animals. When feeding the right thing, the right way at the right time, you will achieve better production results from your animals and make more profit with less effort and expense. We will help you, step by step, to develop your own simple, organised and profitable nutrition plan.

You will be able to:

  • reduce costs
  • increase production
  • increase profit
  • understand how to respond to sales talk
  • make nutritional decisions from an ‘informed’ basis
  • create a nutritional plan that is specific to your property and animals

Based on the RCS Ruminant Nutrition Workshop attended by over 700 farmers Australia-wide.

Dr. Terry McCosker has drawn on his 49 years of experience and knowledge with animal nutrition to produce a simple 6-step process that you can now learn at home:

Step 1: The focus is all about you in this first module! You will spend time mapping out your own personal circumstances for the environment in which you live. You will match your feed curves with feed supply throughout the year and uncover the nutritional seasons on your own property. From the start, you will clearly map your own circumstances so you can apply the theory covered in the course directly to your situation and develop your own profitable feeding program.

Step 2: Now that we’ve focused on you and the seasons on your property, it is time to turn the focus to your animals. In this module we look at rumen design, its function, the impact of what you are feeding and when you are feeding in terms of the biological processes taking place in your animals. We take a practical look at energy, water and nutrients and the application of this to your nutritional program.

Step 3: There are two forms of protein, bypass protein and rumen degradable protein. In this module we look at rumen degradable protein in depth. We take a very hands-on approach, firstly looking at why rumen degradable protein is important and secondly looking at the practical aspects of when and how it is most appropriate to feed in order to get maximum profit and production.

Step 4: The last step, before we pull it all together and create a nutritional program specific to your circumstances, is to cover the key concepts of bypass protein and minerals. We journey through the what, why, how and when of feeding bypass protein and look how to diagnose and appropriately supplement animals with mineral deficiencies and a specific look at free choice mineral supplementation.

Step 5: Combine the information you have learnt in a concise, easy-to-implement nutritional plan. While developing your plan we will focus on three important areas: 1) setting goals for productivity 2) matching supplements to the nutritional seasons for your particular environment and 3) determining the profitability (gross margins) of feeding scenarios.

Step 6: It’s always handy to learn from those who have walked the path before you. In this module we take time to share stories of other people’s successes and mistakes, giving you the opportunity to learn the dos and don’ts and to save lots of time and money in the process. This module involves detailed Frequently Asked Question sessions with Dr McCosker and will set you on the path to success.

Each step includes:

Video training modules, audio of each session for on-the-go listening, worksheets to help you apply your insights immediately and fill-in-the-blank templates for fast implementation. When purchasing the Physical Pack, you also receive a 200-page resource manual to help you employ the strategies in each module, a USB loaded with the training videos and templates, a six-pack audio CD set and a summary & implementation toolkit for quick review and fast action.


Units Of Study:

Module 1 - Feed Curves and the Nutritional Seasons

Module 2 - Rumen Function, Water and Energy

Module 3 - Degradable Protein

Module 4 - Non-degradable Protein

Module 5 - Planning for Success

Module 6 - Key Concepts and FAQs

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