AUS: Drought Community Support Initiative

Dept of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Grants will be made available to a number of community and not-for-profit organisations to deliver the initiative and ensure the funding hits the ground quickly where it is most needed.

The funding is now available for farmers, farm workers and farm suppliers/contractors facing hardship due to drought. It can be used to spend in local communities or to cover urgent bills such as food, petrol and utilities. The $3,000 per household can consist of up to $2,000 in cash and $1,000 in vouchers.

Funding is targeted at projects that stimulate local community spending, use local resources, businesses and suppliers, and/or provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries on which they depend.

There are 81 eligible local government areas that can receive funding under the DCP. Extensions to the DCP are made here.

To apply, you have to fill out a very simple online form at the Salvation Army or Vinnies depending on your location:

The form is only one page and takes between 3-5 minutes to fill out. Once the form has been submitted, someone will contact you within 8-10 business days.

Key Criteria:

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